It’s not really a revolution without dancing.

Happy anniversary to Alex Chou and Robin Cooper! (Also, if you of the audience have not seen, “V for Vendetta”, you should rent or buy it.)


4 thoughts on “It’s not really a revolution without dancing.

  1. Meiser says:

    Nice photo showing ‘excitement’ and ‘celebration’… Nice depth of field and blurring out background. Wish could see facial expressions… (should use fast shooting…)

  2. Syrian_mabel says:

    Interesting candids and ‘room shots’. Where are images from the wedding, pre-wedding, wedding prep (bride/groom), ceremony???? Dress? Best Men? etc… is this a portfolio, or online album?

  3. StrawberryandBlonde says:

    This is a natural light photograph in a dimly lit space with many fast-moving people. A flash would have destroyed any ambience.

  4. StrawberryandBlonde says:

    Good morning. Thanks. I haven’t had time to post more from the wedding here (as yet), I found this particular image interesting, and I’m a huge fan of, “V for Vendetta”.

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