Photo Shoot 5-31-16, Tucson, AZ

A few shots from a photo shoot in Tucson, late May 2016. These were post-processed for high contrast b/w, just because. Not to everyone’s taste, I’m feeling experimental. The lighting today was challenging, and also, I stepped on a dead cactus, which hurt, a lot._DSF5936

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4 thoughts on “Photo Shoot 5-31-16, Tucson, AZ

  1. Protog says:

    Too much contrast on faces… shadows on mother/wife’s legs looks bizarre. Fill flash was too strong in first 2, not enough in last. Bracketing with fill flash would help. Last photo is ‘odd’ Dad throwing child in air, Mom holding on…

  2. Syrian_mabel says:

    Snapshot quality with fill flash. Shadows are too harsh. Poorly posed/composed.

  3. StrawberryandBlonde says:

    Well, there was no flash at all, and the shadows were deliberately harshed. As far as composition, it is what it is on a multiple location family photo shoot after the photographer stepped on a dead cactus.

  4. StrawberryandBlonde says:

    “Fill flash was too strong in first 2, not enough in last.” No fill flash, all natural light. Images were as I wanted.

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