What Really Happened

What Really Happened

(at the Reactor)

I have always loved the Aliens, even though the scripts for Alien stories have become increasingly filled with ridiculously idiotic characters. I tried a few variations on this theme, but I think this simple version of VP and the Alien works best.

This “Alien” is licensed from Adobe Stock Photos. Thanks for watching.

Model: Violet Pixie
Violet shot with #Leica MM1 Monochrom CCD camera

Pride Month

LGBTQ rights didn’t just happen. They didn’t come out of a corporate sponsorship, or thru the good will of politicians and preachers. They were fought for. They were died for. The only reason we are here at all able to talk about this is because really brave people didn’t back down in the face of overwhelming hatred.

Model on billboard in Chicago 2006
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