Columbia Gorge Fire

if you’ve been following the Oregon Meander posts, you’ll know that I was just in the gorge about 6 weeks ago. 

the devastation of this sacred, beautiful place is unimaginable and I feel so very fortunate to have seen it prior to this tragedy.

I can only hope and pray that the brave firefighters on duty in Oregon get the blaze under control before further damage is done.

chasing waterfalls; An Oregon Meander SpecialĀ 

the following photos were taken in the state of Oregon in the month of July. they are in no particular order.

LaTourelle Falls

horsetail falls

random glacier melt off the side of Mt Hood

glorious pool in a rain forest-y river

Dripping water from out of the Rock, scenic bypass Rt 30

Bridal Veil Falls, OR

Paulina Falls, Newberry National Monument

More rain forest goodness

Benham Falls on the Deschutes in Bend, OR