Life is Tough

Long Day

Model: Violet Pixie

#Leica #TL – 2

Life Is Tough

© Ellie Finch

Published: August 2015

Life is tough–that’s what they say,
But they don’t know what it’s like every day
To wake up in the morning and go to school,
Just so people can test you and prove you’re a fool.

The teacher says you obviously didn’t try,
But they don’t know you go to your room and cry.
You did put in effort, you did your part;
They just don’t understand you’re not that smart.

Then comes the pressure from your mum and dad
Who are so clearly disappointed that your grades are bad.
You are punished and picked on for the rest of the year,
Because you finally gave up on the future career

That was once so close, but is now so distant.
However, your teachers and parents are still insistent.
It’s hard enough getting up and going to class
Without the pressure and expectation that you have to pass.

The worst part, however, is not that you’re a disappointment.
It’s the permanent, never-ending embarrassment
Of always failing and coming last,
Of never being good enough, your confidence dropping fast.

Everyone else seems to be doing just fine.
Their parents are all proud, unlike mine.
Honestly, I can’t think of a worse place than this,
When in reality it’s made out to be somewhere we should miss.

I won’t miss it; I’ll be glad to leave.
Five years wasted because failure is all I ever received.
I know it’s my fault and that I’m the one to blame.
I gave up so early on because I was ashamed.

To my family, I’m a failure, and I’m a failure to myself.
Everyone’s high expectations only damaged my metal health.
If I ever have kids I will always try
To make sure the fear of failure is not the reason they ever cry.

People need to understand school’s no longer fun or good,
‘Cause some of us don’t fit in, although we wish we could.


Long (School) Day

What Really Happened

What Really Happened

(at the Reactor)

I have always loved the Aliens, even though the scripts for Alien stories have become increasingly filled with ridiculously idiotic characters. I tried a few variations on this theme, but I think this simple version of VP and the Alien works best.

This “Alien” is licensed from Adobe Stock Photos. Thanks for watching.

Model: Violet Pixie
Violet shot with #Leica MM1 Monochrom CCD camera

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